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Decorative Hand Woven Rug

  • Product Code : 05
  • Unit of Measure :Piece/Pieces
  • Minimum Order Quantity :5

Heavy Printed Hand Woven Rug

  • Product Code : 06
  • Minimum Order Quantity :5
  • Unit of Measure :Piece/Pieces
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If you are thinking about decorating a room in your house or business, the first thing that comes to mind is buying a rug or carpet to add beauty and warmth to the space. Because hand-woven carpets are crafted from the finest natural materials, they are exceptionally pleasant and delicate to the touch. When you walk on them barefoot, they may seem smooth and warm to you. These carpets may also offer a touch of luxury to any decor. Hand-woven carpets are not only the greatest in terms of quality, but they also have the cutest appearance thanks to their vibrant colours and textures.

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